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Refrigerator - Freezer - Ice Maker Service FAQs



Certified, Licensed and Insured Technicians

All of our technicians are certified, licensed and insured.


No Surprise Cost

All of our technicians will give you an EXACT quote BEFORE we start anything. We also give you the opportunity to decide on the repair by giving you 7 days to think about it without charging you to come back a second time, no pressure.


Lifetime Warranty on Installed Parts and Labor

We will repair or replace any of our installed parts AND labor, ONCE, within the lifetime of your refrigerator or freezer, if the same exact part should fail in the same home or business where it was originally repaired.


Sealed System Repair

All of our Technicians are EPA certified by the Educational Refrigerant Usage Foundation (RSES).


Condenser Cleaning

Its a good idea to keep your refrigerator and freezer condenser coils clear from dust, debris and pet hair. This should be preformed at least twice a year and if you do have pets then every three to four months. Homeowners can do this maintenance carefully by themselves or we at Schaumburg Refrigerator Repair offer this service.


Most Common Repair Signs

  • Freezer's ok but refrigerator is not cold enough or warm.
  • Freezer only freezes some food but not all.
    Example ice cream, bread and frozen concentrates.
  • Freezer and Refrigerator not cold enough or at all.
  • Freezer out but refrigerator seems ok.
  • Refrigerator freezes some food and liquids or sometimes all the items in the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator is blowing warm air.
  • Refrigerator sides and/or center strip is hot.
  • Refrigerator or freezer drips water.
  • Refrigerator making funny noises or louder then normal.
  • Refrigerator runs too long or all the time.
  • Ice maker not working. Ice dispenser not working.
  • Only crushed ice comes out.
  • Ice will not crush.
  • Ice cubes too small or too large or hollow cubes.
  • Ice maker making noise.
  • Water dispenser not working.
  • Water dispenser drips water without depressing lever.
  • Water accumulating under crispers.
  • Water leaking on the top shelf of refrigerator.
  • Water on floor. Not running and lights are on.
  • Moisture around the doors.
  • Gaskets loose.
  • Gaskets ripped, torn, curled or stretching.
  • Gaskets are moldy.
  • Funny smell. Burning smell. Hot smell.
  • Food or drinks smell or taste odd.
  • Handles fell off or broken off.
  • Shelves or drawers broken.
  • Door(s) wont close. Door(s) pop open.
  • Not running no lights. No light on.

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